Od’thorpes Menu

All Served from 9am till 4pm

Od’thorpes Full Monty £6.00
Bacon x 2, Sausage x 2, Mushrooms, Beans,Tomato, Egg x 1, Hash Brown and a slice of toast
Od’thorpes Little Britain £5.00
Bacon x 1, sausage x 1, egg x 1, tomato, beans, Hash brown, mushroom and a slice of toast
Full Vegetarian Breakfast £5.50
2 x Veg sausages, mushrooms, beans, tomato,Hash brown, egg x 2 and a slice of toast
Bacon Bap £3.00
Bacon Baguette £3.50
Sausage Bap £3.00
Sausage Baguette £3.50
Extra filling 60p each
Beans on Toast £3.00
2 x Poached, Fried or scrambled egg on toast
or muffin
Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs on toast  £4.50
Cheese on Toast (2 slices) £3.00
Crossiant £1.80
served with Jam and butter 
2 Slices of toast £2.00
with jam and butter
Toasted tea Cake with butter £1.80
Soup £4.20
Homemade soup served with a choice of fresh roll
Quiche £6.50
Homemade quiche served with side salad, homemade coleslaw & a choice of fresh roll

Salads £6.00
Od’thorpes Chicken Caesar
Od’thorpes Greek
Od’thorpes Nicoise
Od’thorpes Ham off the bone
Od’thorpes Ploughmans
Served with a choice of fresh roll
Paninis, Toasties, Baguettes
& Wraps From
All served with salad garnish, homemade coleslaw and crisps
Sandwiches and rolls  From £5.00
All served with salad garnish, homemade coleslaw and crisps
Jacket Potatoes
With 1 filling  From £5.50
With 2 fillings From £6.00
Served with salad garnish and homemade coleslaw
Fillings :-
Prawn & Marie Rose Sauce or Homemade Chilli £6.00 

Fresh Carved Chicken/ Bacon
Piri Piri Chicken / Coronation Chicken 
Chicken Mozzarella and pesto

BLT / Bacon Brie and cranberry
Stilton and Bacon

Ham off the bone and Mustard Mayo
Cottage Cheese / Cheese/ Beans
Egg Mayo 
Mozzarella pesto and tomato 
Feta and Olives 
Od’thorpes savoury cheese mix 

Please feel free to make your own combination

Cakes and Bakes - All homemade
Slices from £2.00
Homemade Scone £2.50
with butter, jam and cream
Homemade scone £2.00
with butter and jam
Cup Cakes £1.80

Black Americano £1.80
White Coffee £1.80
Espresso £1.70
Latte £2.20
Iced Latte £2.30
Cappuccino £2.20
Mocha £2.30
Decaf £2.00
Baby Cino £1.50
All drinks available in either skinny or soya milk
Syrups extra 50p
Pot of Tea for 2 £2.50
Pot of Tea for 1 £2.00
Cup of Tea £1.50

Hot Chocolate £2.20
Special Hot Chocolate £2.80

Bottle of water
Still or Sparkling £1.30
Organic Drink £2.00
Various Cans £1.00
Children’s Squash 50p
Milkshake small £1.50
Milkshake Large £2.20
Flavours avaiable:
Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry

Other Drinks are available

Claire, Julia and the team would like to welcome you to Od’thorpes Café

Please order and pay at the counter

All food is freshly prepared and cooked to order – so please be patient

We hope you enjoy your visit to Od’thorpes – we look forwards to seeing you again soon

At Od'thorpes we also offer a catering service – please ask a member of our staff for an individual quotation.